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Is this the end? - Mr Angry - 03-17-2020

Just about to be told to stay home for 3 months, hiding in my bunker. Only got a couple of days to stock up. Need advice, what should I get?  Obviously toilet paper, paracetamol and hand sanitizer, but what else will I need?  Thinking lamp oil, batteries, solar charger, water purification kit, ammo, barbed wire and a shovel to dig trenches and/or bury any zombies that try to get in. Anything else?

Got plenty of whisky, anyone wants to join me, bring proof you are not unclean and maybe beer.

RE: Is this the end? - El Robbo - 03-18-2020

Controversial I know, but have you thought about possibly getting some food?

I'm also on lockdown for a few weeks. Luckily nobody seems to be panic buying Irn Bru (in England at least...) so I'm sorted.

I would get some wooden stakes in, just in case it turns out to be vampire zombies who lumber in your direction. If you're married, matching stab vests would be a nice romantic touch as you are definitely going to want to kill each other after a few weeks. Make a game of it by painting a dartboard on them - whoever manages 501 in the least throws gets dinner made for them.

Have fun - I'll be checking in here now and then and will start posting obituaries on facebook for anyone who hasn't posted in over a week.

RE: Is this the end? - Ymrader - 03-21-2020

Funny times, bit of a pisser for us. We've just bought some land in the boons and are in the process of building a house. Fuck knows what the economic fallout will be on us.

RE: Is this the end? - Sean-NoMoreVladimir - 03-21-2020

Hey everyone! I was just thinking about you guys last night. The wife found a London documentary to watch and we were marveling at all the places we'd seen on our trip that were featured.

Chicago's on lock-down too now. I got whiskey, food, beer, and new strings for my bass guitar. I just got my annual bonus... I had been planning on buying myself a new electric guitar this year, but the wife may be out of work come Monday so that money is going to be needed else where. Myself, I'm working from home. Had to meet someone from IT in the parking lot of a hotel out in the suburbs to get a company laptop. It was like the dullest drug deal scene in a gangster movie ever.

Hope everyone is doing well.

RE: Is this the end? - Mr Angry - 03-25-2020

So I'm in isolation in my camper van in my garden. I am apparently "vulnerable", so have to keep away from my wife. She works in the local hospital and is needed, so I am giving her the run of the house. It's weird,  but I have to keep myself safe, also so I can keep my 88 year old father safe. Think I'm locked away for the next 3 months.  God knows what the world will be like when I get out.   Stay safe, folks.

RE: Is this the end? - Ymrader - 03-26-2020

I'm locked in WITH my wife! She normally works europe wide.

Not used to being in the same country nevermind room.

Total Mare :-)

RE: Is this the end? - Mr Angry - 04-14-2020

So 3 weeks living in the van now. My employer is being excellent, still on full pay and "working from home" which involves reviewing the odd document. Garden is looking good, but can't do as much as the time should allow. My hip is trashed and after an hour or so I can't walk, but no chance of a replacement op any time in the next year or so probably so I have to try to preserve it. Mrs A is still working sporadically, her dept is effectively closed so she is delivering medicines, PPE and generally mucking in wherever needed. I went for an unnecessary drive yesterday, 2 miles, the furthest I've been in 3 weeks, just to keep the car moving. Fortunately we are pretty remote here and nobody I know has it, but we did have to "suggest" that a bunch of camper vans should "kindly depart" a couple of weeks back.. Strange times.

RE: Is this the end? - Ymrader - 04-14-2020

The only real difference for me is the presence of the missus and the fact my beloved pub is shut !

RE: Is this the end? - Sean-NoMoreVladimir - 10-08-2020

(04-14-2020, 01:40 PM)Ymrader Wrote: The only real difference for me is the presence of the missus and the fact my beloved pub is shut !

I'm finding my guitar playing is improving but luckily the music shop is still open.  I've been breaking strings like there's no tomorrow.

Hmmm.... perhaps I should rephrase that.