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Everyone OK ? - Ymrader - 04-30-2020

Just askin...

RE: Everyone OK ? - Mr Angry - 05-01-2020

I'm good. Trapped in a camper van in my garden, but otherwise excellent.  Garden looking great (apart from camper van parked in it). Getting better on the guitar.  Darts outstanding. Just wish I could a: get my buggered hip fixed and b: get back to work.
How's you?

RE: Everyone OK ? - El Robbo - 05-03-2020

Still holding on to my sanity by a frayed thread. Getting a bit video-conferenced out now. Trying to do a stupidly difficult 1000 piece jigsaw which is mostly white sky above a snow scene - can see that fucker getting chucked the moment lockdown ends!

Twas a year ago we were out in Potsdam. Good memories.

RE: Everyone OK ? - Sean-NoMoreVladimir - 05-05-2020

I'm one of the lucky ones over here. I can work from home, so I still have a paycheck. I WAS getting better on guitar but I lost a tuning peg... so my six string is now a five string. Been doing a weekly Zoom meet up for drinks with some co-workers. Watched everything on Netflix. Seen everything on youtube. Watched all my DVDs. Played every video game I own. I think the worst thing about all of this for me is seeing all the idiots reacting to the situation on the news. It's truly frightening.

RE: Everyone OK ? - El Robbo - 05-06-2020

Sean - genuinely curious. How have you found time to do loads of Netflix etc? I'm working from home as well. means I save about 2 hours per day on the commute. Shopping takes longer and most of the other day to day shot like cooking, cleaning, exercise still needs doing. Probably get about an extra 10 hrs per week for watching stuff tops, which isn't nearly enough for all the stuff I have queued up! What am I doing wrong?

RE: Everyone OK ? - Sean-NoMoreVladimir - 05-07-2020

The wife isn't working right now, so she does all the shopping and stuff. When I had to go to the city for work I got up at 5am to get dressed, walk the dogs, pack a breakfast, pack a lunch, pack my gym clothes and be at the shuttle stop for a ride to the train station by 6am. That got me to the train station by 6:30 to catch a 6:45 train... in to Chicago by 7:15 for a 7:30 bus to my office and at my desk by 8am. At 4:30 I reversed the process to be home by 6:30 at night. Now I'm up at 7:30am and logged in by 8am. I have an extra 5 hours a day... 25 hours a week. About 120 hours a month and I'm looking down the barrel of my third month at home.

Not to mention the weekends I used to spend out and about.

RE: Everyone OK ? - Ymrader - 05-08-2020

The missus needs a project manger and a project director so she is doing those jobs as well. 12 hour days with me helping where I can.

Tis madness

RE: Everyone OK ? - El Robbo - 05-10-2020

Suppose it's a double edged sword really - the down side of missing out on some extra time slobbed out in front of the TV is probably more than outweighed by the fact we're both lucky enough to be able to continue working pretty much as normal and won't come out of the pandemic completely broke, as unfortunately a hell of a lot of people will.

Reckon there will be a revolution after this when all the downtrodden, poorly paid workers realise that they are the ones who keep society functioning whilst most of the folks earning salaries with lots of zeros in them haven't been missed?

RE: Everyone OK ? - Sean-NoMoreVladimir - 05-28-2020

I just found out I'm working from home for the remainder of 2020. I'm cancelling my train pass. First paycheck I get that doesn't have the train fare deducted I'm buying a more comfortable desk chair. The one I have now in my home office sucks.

RE: Everyone OK ? - Ymrader - 05-29-2020

Yeah the wife is cancelling hers, she is using the car.