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Everyone OK ?
Well, the looting has finally hit my boring little village. I live 30 miles from the city. Half hour train ride if you get the non-stop (an hour for a regular train.) You get a false sense of security being in a quiet little town disconnected from the actual city. Nothing happened here in the residential area but the shops on Main Street had windows smashed and people just grabbed what they could.

It's funny, sitting here in my safe little house watching America burn while the president threatens to turn the military loose on the citizenry... it almost seems as if putting a racist simpleton in charge was a bad idea.
The username Vladimir was far more amusing to me as a Dune fan.  Putin has managed to take the fun out of the name for me though
Weird times...

I was in west Germany at the weekend, where it was hardest hit by covid, 0000s of people wandering around crowded pubs in Dusseldorf.

Wife was mortified.

I also went to the small town where I was born for the first time (well second obvs)

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