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Account not activated?  Come on, Riot, I need you to restore my faith, or at least make the attempt. 

I'll  be frank.  My faith in the Scottish Independence movement has shrivelled .  Not because I don't think an independent  Scotland can thrive, but because I don't want to live in a Scotland run by the kind of people who are trying to persuade me it can.  Parochial, resentful, revisionist, borderline racist, and perpetuating the stereotype of the Scot with a chip on both shoulders.  I am fed up with being accused of all manner of crimes for suggesting some of their claims might not be entirely true.  I am not talking about the SNP, by the way, who are like all political parties far from perfect, but considerably  less imperfect that their opponents.
I'm here for all your needs (provided you need overly aggressive takes on Scottish indy and feminism.) Talk more later from laptop. On phone the now.
Hi Mr Angry

The 'Scottish independence movement' is a crock of shit.

There never was a single 'movement' . . it was always a loose coalition of interests, a big tent.  Had to be to take in revolutionary socialists along with weird wee men who wear kilts all the time and teach themelves Gaelic.

Attempts since the failed referendum of 2014 to create a single movement (with, natch, self-appointed white men as the leaders) were always doomed to fail.

Scottish independence is a political proposition; not an identity.

I'm blocked by half the indy supporters on Twitter for pointing out things like:  1) Wings over Scotland is a cunt.  2) Tommy Sheridan is a cunt.  3) Going on flag-waving marchings and demos is a pointless riddie.  4) We lost in 2014 and would lose again if we held the second referendum tomorrow.
I have been ostracised for saying pretty much the same things. Also that all Scotland's ills are not necessarily the fault of the Westminster elite, or that any vague hint of criticism of the SNP does not automatically signify that I am a crack-smoking Yoon apologist brainwashed by the biassed media. Or that absolutely everything done by the UK or by any non-Scots Brit over the last 3 centuries is not by definition shit and probably evil to boot.
I know that these are merely the people who make the loudest noise, but that noise is drowning out rational debate in some quarters.

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