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Jeffery Epstein and evil from beyond the grave
So, I'm sure we've all heard of the Jeffery Epstein case by now so I won't bother with the details about that or who he was friends with or worked with or had bizarre paintings of.  I'm talking about a whole new twist in the already twisted story of what appears to have been an extremely twisted man.

Two days before he committed suicide he amended his will to put the bulk of his money in a trust.  Virtually locking it away from any victims who might sue his estate.  The whole, "If I can't have it, no one can" sort of thing.

I'm no lawyer but I was under the impression that for a will to be valid, the person who wrote it needs to be of 'sound mind.'  I think it's fairly safe to say the general consensus is that someone contemplating suicide is not of sound mind.  Am I wrong in thinking that could be the legal tack to invalidate this will?
The username Vladimir was far more amusing to me as a Dune fan.  Putin has managed to take the fun out of the name for me though
It was a let off for Prince Andrew

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