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Being angry at the homeless
This is a pretty touchy subject for me.  I was homeless for about three years.  I have in-laws that are livid that people have the audacity to be destitute.  I see it all the time.  People seem to think being homeless is a joyful free ride.  Like every person shedding their dignity to ask for food is secretly living some Tom Sawyer adventure when no one is looking.

It's a life of fear, anger and discomfort.  The only way out is pure luck.  I got lucky.  The only thing that separates me from anyone else on the street is random chance.  I bumped in to a friend of a friend who knew about a party where I charmed the heck out of everyone (because let's face it, I'm charming as all hell.)  The guys throwing the party let me crash on the couch and use their phone number to look for a job.  Got a part time job at a store down the street.   I managed to scrounge up some clean clothes until my first paycheck. Bought more at a thrift store.  Started chipping in on rent and slowly worked my way back up to the land of the living.

It doesn't work that way for most.  You lose your job (laid off, fired, downsized... whatever) and you can't pay rent or mortgage.  Eventually you lose your home.  Then you've got no way to get a job.  No address or phone number for a potential employer to contact you at.  You're stuck.  For most people that's the end of the line.  It doesn't get better.  It's not because you're lazy.  It's not because you're care-free.  It's because random chance screwed you over and now America hates you for it.
The username Vladimir was far more amusing to me as a Dune fan.  Putin has managed to take the fun out of the name for me though
My uncle was in the Paras, got ptsd booted out the army, ended up sleeping in a car when his marriage broke down. Now an alcoholic banned from most pubs...

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